The Sculptor

Richard Buxani is a Filipino sculptor who prefers the rawness of brass as his medium. Some of his figural sculptures include the warriors,  “Archer“, “Rider“, and “The Master“.  He has always been aligned with the arts, having a degree in Architecture, but developed his love for sculpture when he met a good friend and mentor, well celebrated filipino artist, Ronald Castrillo.

True Artist

Buxani enjoys accomplishments with his architectural projects  featured in  Elle Decoration Philippines magazine for dancer, Max Luna’s Tagaytay home. But he realizes the deep caverns in his mind with the tangible manipulation of malleable metal. His execution of the Nudes, “Fetal” and “Dream“, captures the unbridled essence of a woman’s natural figure. Richard represented Philippine folklore with master pieces like Bonsai’s “Fruits of Labor“, “Dragon Rising“, and one of his early works,  “Tikbalang”.




What is a world without faith?

What is life without our belief in the ultimate Creator?

What is the existence without morality?


A Garden Installation featured in Pamana Art Exhibit at Museo de La Salle