About The Artist

Richard Papa Buxani

Born:                 26 June 1971
Place:               Manila, Philippines
Residence:       Imus, Cavite
Email:               rbuxani2001@yahoo.com



Born of a Filipina mother and an Indian Father, I was raised in Manila where I received a catholic education, from pre-school to college. I studied Architecture at the College of Architecture and Fine Arts (CAFA), University of Santo Tomas where I unknowingly had my first influences and lessons in art. I never really pursued it since my discipline was in Architecture, but the foundation was already laid then.


I embarked on a career in the corporate world after college, and was propelled in the field of high-rise property development. Though it has nothing to do with the process of creating art, it has everything to do with living with and around it.


In architecture, I am an advocate of the use of recycled materials in building houses, and this is a great influence in my designs, whether it is modern or vernacular. Old wood has played a great importance in my use of materials, and I have greatly used it in many different ways for building structures, furniture and accessories.


It was a natural progression for me to go back again to art, and in 2008, after a trip to Singapore, I started to paint and have never stopped since. My discipline has always been Architecture, so it naturally is a source of inspiration. I have taken to using Acrylics as a medium since I like to work fast. I want to hold the spur of the moment and translate it to the canvass as quickly as possible.


My paintings are not about control or refinement, but of un-staged rawness and viciousness.  I want something vibrant or explosive, something that conveys feelings or a state of mind, evoking thoughts into picture. It could be very limited in color or totally full of it. It could be very restrained and conservative one time, and totally it’s the opposite the next. I never follow anything other than my instinct to act and react. I only appeal to a good sense of balance and composition in the spontaneity of what I do. It mirrors the images that I concoct inside my mind when I take the time to paint.


When I met, sculptor Ronald Castrillo in 2009, my art has taken a turn towards sculpture. It was then that I discovered the spontaneity and my natural fondness for bending, crafting, cutting, welding and molding materials. I have almost totally devoted my art to sculpture since then. Understanding the behavior and technical aspects of metal with my good friend and mentor Ronald, I have journeyed without turning back.


I prefer the rawness of brass by infusing it with a finite form but seemingly evolving feel. The journey is only the beginning for me.

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